Educational concept of Takahashi Lab.

Waste recycle and system analysis research group consists of three research teams (Takahashi lab., Yoshikawa lab., and Tokimatsu lab.). We collaborate greatly with other research teams in both research and education. We have joint-seminar once a week. Educational concept of this lab. are almost the same with that of Yoshikawa lab. and as belows.

  • Researches with free mind and outcomes for society
  • Strong collaborations and cooperations with other domestic/foreign researchers
  • Better English comunication skill
  • Better presentation skills

  • Globalization inevitably requests us for sufficent English communication and presentation skills. Therefore, Takahashi lab. focuses on these skills improvement in education policy.

    We have all meetings and seminars in English. Therefore, you don't need to worry about your Japanese comunication skill even if it is none or poor. We belive experiences of Japan culture here will be great treasures in your life.