Waste recycles: What viepoints and research strategy we need?

Recycles of wastes are necessary for sustainable human activities. However, large amounts of wastes are still disposed to landfill sites without any recycles.
Why are waste recycles so difficult?

Although many engineering efforts have been paid to technological development for waste treantment and recycles, they seem to be still insufficient for advanced waste applications. What regulates waste recycles and their applications? It might be summarized as belows.

  • Limited reliability for environmental safety of recycled materials
  • Low popularity of recycled materials in the markets
  • Negative impression of potential users for recycled materials

In order to promote waste recycles more and more, we need to identify important factors that regulate advanced applications of recyclable wastes. They might be material quality, environmental safety, market accessibility and popularity, and some images and/or impression of users for recycled wastes. Therefore, we need to understand the importance of multi-viewpoints including science, engineering, and socio-psychology to consider waste management and recycles.
In this context, we consider waste mamagement and recycles as interdisciplinary science that covers chemistry, mineralogy, biology, economics, and socio-psychlology. From this viewpoint, Takahashi Lab. has a research strategy as mentioned below.

  • Suspected environmental safety
- Environmental risk assessment of waste recycles
  • Low popularity in markets
- Technological development to enable both toxic element immobilization and additional value creation
  • Negative impressions to recycled materials
- Socio-psychlological approaches to waste recycle systems and recycling behaviors

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