Activity records of Takahashi Lab.

Activities in 2021 (School year: Apr.2021 - Mar.2022)

Future schedule
Mar. 2022
Web site was updated in Mar., 2022.
Apr. 2022
Doctor research preliminary exam (Kobori, Xu Hao, Dilixiati)

31st, Mar, 2022 Doctor course completion without degree
Three working doctoral students (Kobayashi, Kobori, and Sugimoto) completed doctor course without degree.
Very hard works of their own jobs, taking credtis, and researches!
They will try to complete doctoral dissertations for doctor degree. One more step to the degree!

27th, Mar, 2022 Graduation ceremony
Naoki Wada, Kei Shiraishi, and Wataru Tanaka completed bachelor course.
Kei Soyama completed master course.
Douglas Hungwe completed doctor course.

14-18th, Mar, 2022 3RINCs2022 @Online
Takahashi and Sugimoto made oral presentations in 8th 3R International Scientific Conference on Material Cycles and Waste Management "3RINCs2022" @Online.

24th, Feb, 2022 Kanto-branch workshop of JSMCWM @Online
3 undergraduate students in our group (Shiraishi, Tanaka, and Wada) made online presentations in Kanto-branch workshop of Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management online. Unfortunately, nobody won the excellent presentation award. Try next!

22nd, Feb, 2022 Doctor degree was approved!
Doctor degree was approved to Douglas Hungwe.
Congratulations! Douglas, we forgot taking a photo. Please visit Suzukakedai campus anytime again!

17-18th, Feb, 2022 Final presentation for bachelor degree @Dept. of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering
Naoki Wada and Kei Shiraishi made their final presentations for bachelor degrees in the dept. of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering.
It was face-to-face presentation under controlled-ventilation condition.

14th, Feb, 2022 Final presentation for bachelor degree @Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Wataru Tanaka made his final presentation for bachelor degree in the dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

9-10th, Feb, 2022 Final presentation for master degree
Kei Soyama made his final presentation for master degree.
It was online presentation again due to re-outbreak of COVID-19 unfortunately.

7th, Jan, 2022 Final presentation for doctoral degree
Douglas Hungwe made his final presentation for doctoral degree.
It was first face-to-face presentation in a while.

Xth, Dec, 2021 Birthday
Today is the birthday of Prof. Takahashi. Takahashi lab. members celebrated it with a birthday cake.
Coffee gifts and others were presented for him. Thank you, my team members!

27th, Nov, 2021 2021 Japan-China-Korea-Indonesia joint symposium on Energy and Environment @Online
Takahashi, Baskoro, Sugimoto, Zhao, and Xu Xuejie made oral/poster presentations in 2021 Japan-China-Korea-Indonesia joint symposium on Energy and Environment@Online.
Once COVID-19 pandemic ends, we strongly wish we get together again anywhere.

25-27th, Oct, 2021 32nd annual conference of JSMCWM @Okayama/online
Takahashi, Sumayya, and Simadhamnand made oral presentations in 32nd annual conference of Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management (JSMCWM)@Okayama/online.
Takahashi made on-site presentatin owing to other tasks of JSMCWM. Sumayya and Simadhamnand made online presentations.

1st, Oct, 2021 New students
Yamsomphong KANOKWAN and Vinayak GUPTA in doctor course and Aura Amca DIPUTRA in master course joined Takahashi lab.
Welcome to our research team!

24th, Sep, 2021 Graduation ceremony
Sumayya and Seonkyeom KIM completed master coures and successfully got master degrees.

Although Takahashi encourages students to make presentations in international conferences, COVID-19 has allowed only online conferences.
It is to be regretted that we cannot have farewell party for gratuets and welcome party for new students.

7th, Sep, 2021 Paper accepted! (ACS Omega )

A paper of Hao Xu was accepted for the publication in ACS Omega.
This paper reports co-combustion characteristis of oil sludge residues with raw/hydrothermally-treated biomass focusing on interactions and kinetics.


6th, Aug, 2021 Final presentation for master degree
Sumayya and Seonkyeom KIM made final presetations of their master researches online.

4th, Aug, 2021 GEDES student activity workshop in Aug. 2021
Sugimoto, Hao Xu, Zhao, and Hungwe presented their experiences of international conference presentations such as 3RINCs2021 in Mar. 2021.
Although online conference presentations are convenient in terms of scheduling, it gave no additional experience, except for presentation, to students.

18th, Jul, 2021 Paper accepted! (Biomass and Bioenergy )

A paper of Douglas HUNGWE was accepted for the publication in Biomass and Bioenergy.
This paper reports potassium removal from coconut fiber employing hydrothermal treatment and water-washing.


14th, May, 2021 Paper accepted! (Environmental Science and Pollution Research )

A paper of Patcharanat KAEWMEE, graduated on March 2021 with doctor degree, was accepted for the publication in Environmental Science and Pollution Research.
This paper reports water hardness removal using porous geopolymer fablicated with coal fly ash with low temperature calcination.


22nd, Apr, 2021 Paper accepted! (Applied Energy )

A paper of Yasunori KOBAYASHI was accepted for the publication in Applied Energy.
This paper reports the effect of ionized air injection on biomass combustion. It is paired with the previous article published in Applied Energy, which reported simulation results of biomass combustion assisted by ionized air injection.


16th, Apr, 2021 Paper accepted! (Waste Management )

A paper of Qiuhui JIANG, graduated on March 2021 with doctor degree, was accepted for the publication in Waste Management.
This paper reports that the preferences toward recycling bin designs are associated with the preferences toward certain design items and past perception frequency of design items.


1st, Apr, 2021 New students
Wiranpat SIMADHAMNAND enrolled in master courses.
Yanlei CHEN joined Takahashi Lab. as a master student.
From Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, Kei SHIRAISHI and Naoki WADA joined our group as bachelor students.
From Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Wataru TANAKA also joined our group as a bachelor student.
Welcome to Takahashi Lab.!